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Blurams Baby Monitor Camera 2K Video With 360°Coverage

Video Resolutions : 2K
Type : Indoor
Memory : Up to 128 GB
User Rating : 4.3 of 5
Connectivity : Wireless Camera
Special : 360° coverage, 2 way audio
Compatible with : Alexa and Google Assistant
Brand : Blurams

Blurams 2K 360 degree camera

Blurams Dome Lite 2 for Your Indoor Security Solution

There are many tools to help you pay attention to as many things as possible at home. A reliable security camera system is the perfect solution to that. Without a doubt, there are numerous manufacturers of such products. Blurams is one of the modern companies that offer a wide array of security surveillance systems. You can rely on the products from this company to protect every corner of your home at any time. You can find some of the best innovations in the field from it.

Blurams Dome Lite 2

One of the best rated outdoor security cameras is the Blurams Dome Lite 2. As its name implies, it incorporates a dome-shaped design that makes it appealing in many ways. That particular design comes with a specific purpose. It offers a 360-degree rotation that makes it capable of covering a wide area at once. Of course, you can use it as a security camera right outside your dwelling. For example, you can install it to guard your front porch and door.

The Features

Motion tracking is one of the best features to expect from this product. It is that way because of the 360-degree full rotation capability of Blurams Dome Lite 2. It means that the camera records everything that happens in the room where it sits. It is beneficial when there are kids and pets around. More importantly, it supports the 2K resolution of the output. So, there will be no blurry videos with low details in many sections. Thus, the recording can be a reliable source of information, indeed.

The detection system comes with an intelligence alerting method as well. It sends notifications to your phone when detecting motion, human, or abnormal sounds within the coverage area. The wireless connection with other devices makes it easy to optimize the functions of this security device. It also works well with Alexa. So, there is no need to do many steps in getting the advantages of using this security camera at home.

Of course, it comes with an integrated mobile app known as the Blurams app. It offers complete control of the features of this camera. It also supports a two-way audio system for seamless communication between the two ends whenever necessary. Lastly, it comes with the support of optional cloud storage that eliminates the need for adding a large SD card for the recordings. All in all, Blurams Dome Lite 2 is a top-notch choice for your home security system.

Home Security System Common Terms

  • Indoor: Only use device indoor only to prevent damage.
  • Outdoor: The device made to be more resistant to outdoor weather. However you can still put indoor
  • IP65 rating: Protection from water spray from any direction and dust protection
  • Night Vision: Ability to record video under bad or no lights in the night
  • 2 Way Audio: Able to hear and speak with other party
  • IFTTT: A standard to communicate with other smart devices