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YI 2pc Security Home Camera Baby Monitor Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, AI Human Detection

Video Resolutions : 1080p
Type : Indoor
Memory : Up to 128 GB
User Rating : 4.3 of 5
Connectivity : Wireless Camera
Special : Night Vision, Pet Cam, 2-way audio
Compatible with : Alexa and Google Assistant
Brand : Yi

Yi home baby camera

Yi Home Camera 3 with New AI for Relevant Notifications

Implementing the latest technology of any home security camera system is always necessary. It involves bringing the latest Yi Home Camera 3 home to enjoy its newest features. Yi Technology is a company that designs and produces high-quality camera products. Of course, improving home security is one of the aims of the products. Therefore, it continues to develop the Yi Home Camera. Thus, the third version is the best of it just yet.

The Features

This security camera has a higher resolution of output quality than before. It offers better details which is a necessary feature of one of the best rated outdoor security cameras. Therefore, it eliminates the difficulty in seeing the details in many things. Nevertheless, the files remain sizable in their size. It is that way because it uses H.264 video coding technology to reduce the size of the recordings regardless of the HD resolution. There is no need to worry about the storage for the videos.

Of course, it can boost the visual in the video when recording at night. The night vision technology from Yi Technology is a top-notch one in this product. More importantly, the two-way audio system is beneficial in many ways. It allows communication from the users to anyone at home anytime. The microphone has an anti-noise feature for a clear voice. It is a solution to be comfortable when being away from home. It is also the appropriate way to communicate anything with anyone at home.

Another thing to expect from this security camera is the available feature of Noonlight’s Certified Emergency Dispatchers. It coordinates with local responders in case of something happens that needs immediate assistance. It is an effective way to maintain safety at home, indeed. Furthermore, the new Smart AI detection system is much better than before. It is capable of distinguishing different sounds for a more accurate alert. It is a crucial feature for such a product. So, there will not be an issue with the wrong alert. It manages to detect the sound of animals, vehicles, and humans seamlessly. Then, it sends the proper notification to the users through the Yi Home App. Moreover, with a Yi Cloud subscription, it displays up to 9 Life Feeds at the same time on a PC version of the app. All in all, it is a perfect solution for home security improvement. It is even possible to stick this camera at the front porch to enhance the security of the main entrance.

Home Security System Common Terms

  • Indoor: Only use device indoor only to prevent damage.
  • Outdoor: The device made to be more resistant to outdoor weather. However you can still put indoor
  • IP65 rating: Protection from water spray from any direction and dust protection
  • Night Vision: Ability to record video under bad or no lights in the night
  • 2 Way Audio: Able to hear and speak with other party
  • IFTTT: A standard to communicate with other smart devices