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Occer Binoculars 12x25 Low Light Vision, Large Eyepiece, Easy Focus Binoculars, Waterproof for Adults Kids

Binoculars : 12x25
Type : Outdoor and Indoor
Protection Rating : Waterproof
User Rating : 4.4 of 5
Connectivity : 
Special : Low light vision
Compatible with : 
Brand : Occer


Occer Binoculars

The OCCER 12x25, The Best Compact Binocular for Adults and Kids

The OCCER 12 x25 is the best compact binocular for kids and adults that offer you some best features. It is the best binocular that you can use for some purposes such as bird watching, travel, outdoor hunting, and sightseeing. Before you buy this product, it is good for you to check the features of this product.

The OCCER Compact Binocular Specification:

The specifications of this product are listed below.

Diameter of Eyepiece: 15mm

Diameter of Objective Lens: 25mm

Distance of near focal: 5mm

Distance of Exit Pupil: 20mm

Coating of Lens: FMC broadband

System of Focus: Right Eye and Center

Binocular’s weight: 0.65 pounds

Grade of Waterproof: Life waterproof

How to Use The OCCER Binocular

There are three steps to using this product.

First, you can fold this product until it is suitable for your both eyes

Second, you need to close your right eye and then rotate the center of the binocular to adjust the knob until your left eye is clear.

Third, you need to close your left eye and turn the right eyepiece to clear. You can start opening your two eyes and use these binoculars.

Reasons for Buying OCCER 12 x25

There are some reasons why you need to buy this product. You consider some good things first before ordering these binoculars.
This OCCER 12 x 25 Binocular gives you a brighter and sharper image. This product uses FMC multilayer broadband, and it helps to produce a real color for images. There is no color distortion, and you can enjoy the best bright images by using this product.
It is compact but it is multi-use binocular. This product is not only suitable for kids, but adults can use this product too. For you who like to do bird watching, this product is designed with two adjustable rotating goggles eyepieces so you can focus more on what you see. It offers clear weak light vision so it can be used for various activities such as outdoor sports, traveling, exploring, and hiking.
This product is made with rubber armor that will make you feel comfortable when you touch it. It is also more durable and long lasting than other materials. It is made with a neck strap too that easily carries this product to all places. It is waterproof but it is not to be used in heavy rain.

How about the price of this product? You don’t need to worry because this product is sold at a very affordable price. For all of you who like to order this OCCER 12 x 25 best binocular, you can order online now. You can also find some other products to complete your life such as buying best rated outdoor security cameras.

Home Security System Common Terms

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  • Outdoor: The device made to be more resistant to outdoor weather. However you can still put indoor
  • IP65 rating: Protection from water spray from any direction and dust protection
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