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WYZE Camera 1080p HD Indoor and Outdoor Smart Home Camera with Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Works with Alexa & Google Assistant

Video Resolutions : 1080p
Type : Outdoor 
Protection Rating : IP65
User Rating : 4.3 of 5
Connectivity : Wireless Camera
Special : Battery Powered
Compatible with : Alexa and Google Assistant
Brand : Wyze

WYZE Outdoor battery powered

The Wyze Cam Outdoor Starter Bundle to Initiate Your Exterior Security System

Among the available products that Wyze produces is the Wyze Cam Outdoor. As its name implies, it comes as a device that provides a decent quality of exterior surveillance through a camera lens. Without a doubt, the exterior area of any dwelling is always a decent start to installing a security camera system. More importantly, Wyze offers several items to enhance this particular thing. It is easy to boost the security at home by installing the appropriate things that work together, indeed.

Purchasing the Bundle

This product of one of the best rated outdoor security cameras comes in a bundle as well. The best one to consider is the bundle with a Base Station from Wyze. Of course, there are other bundles with more items in them. Yet, this one is good enough as a start. The camera itself is a superior product that performs extraordinarily well. So, there is nothing to worry about concerning the performance and output of the device. On the other hand, a base station is a reliable unit of a hub for the cameras.

The package includes a camera, a base station, power adapter, Ethernet cable, and USB charging cable. Of course, the power adapter and Ethernet cable are for the base station. It works as a control center of the entire operation. So, it is the one that connects to other relevant devices at home. Meanwhile, the camera itself remains wireless with a rechargeable battery as the power source. All in all, this bundle is a top-notch deal for anyone who wants to improve home security instantly.

The Good Things

Aside from the lower price due to the bundling system, it offers more of the good things for the users. The battery that powers the camera is an outstanding one. It is a pair of 2,600mAh batteries that will power the camera up to six months after a full charge cycle. So, there is no need to worry about the camera running out of steam to record the surrounding area. That makes it a versatile unit to place in any spot. It enhances the ability of the camera to record even a tight corner at ease. Moreover, it comes with IP65 certification as an outdoor camera device. It ensures the highest performance and quality regardless of the weather condition outside. The Full HD resolution alongside night vision offers a decent recording output even at night. More importantly, the seamless integration with the Wyze mobile app allows users to get real-time notifications anywhere. So, it is among the best starter pack to purchase for home security improvement, indeed.

Home Security System Common Terms

  • Indoor: Only use device indoor only to prevent damage.
  • Outdoor: The device made to be more resistant to outdoor weather. However you can still put indoor
  • IP65 rating: Protection from water spray from any direction and dust protection
  • Night Vision: Ability to record video under bad or no lights in the night
  • 2 Way Audio: Able to hear and speak with other party
  • IFTTT: A standard to communicate with other smart devices