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YI Pan-Tilt Security Camera, 360 Degree, Night Vision, 2-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Phone APP, Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant

Video Resolutions : 1080p
Type : Outdoor and Indoor
Protection Rating : IP65
User Rating : 4.3 of 5
Connectivity : Wireless Camera
Special : 
Compatible with : Alexa and Google Assistant
Brand : Yi

Yi wireless security camera

YI Pan-Tilt Security Camera, The Best Indoor Pet Camera to Buy

YI Pan-Tilt security camera is a recommended security camera to monitor your pet at your home. There are so many kinds of security cameras that we can buy in the store. If you like to monitor your pet, such as your cat and dog, you better purchase a YI Pan Tilt security camera with a 360-degrees and motion detection. There are some features of this camera, and before you purchase this product, it is good to check the features below.

Details of YI Pan Tilt Security Camera

YI Pan Tilt Security Camera is made with some best features. This security camera is an indoor camera, and you can't use this security camera for the outdoor area. If you are looking for best rated outdoor security cameras, you can search in some stores.

Built-in flexible monitoring with 360 degrees tracking.

This security camera is made with flexible monitoring so you can control and monitor your pets in a maximum way. There is a 360- degrees tracking that will help you control your pets to all corners of your room.

Excellent night guard

This security camera is made with better night vision features and a high-resolution display. Even in the dark area, you still can monitor all things by using this security camera.

Two-way audio

This security camera is a built-in speaker and a microphone that helps you to communicate with all people in your room when they are with your pet. You can combine it with Google-Assistant, and Amazon Alexa for better monitoring your pets at your home.
Better Motion and Sound Detection

You can receive motion and sound detection notifications in a faster time. The sound and motion detection will capture all motions, and you can see them from 9-cameras' live feeds. You just need to install the YI Home app to monitor your pets.
Timelapse features

One of the best features that you get from this security camera is timelapse features. By using this feature, it makes it possible to compress up to 6 hours of recording into 5-30 seconds of the fun clip.

Price and How to Order this Product

This security camera is available in some online stores. This camera is not only helping you to monitor your pets in a maximum way, but also it helps you to create a fun clip from all things that are easily recorded in your security camera by using the Timelapse feature. It is time for you to purchase a Yi Pan-Tilt Security Camera for your pets online.

Home Security System Common Terms

  • Indoor: Only use device indoor only to prevent damage.
  • Outdoor: The device made to be more resistant to outdoor weather. However you can still put indoor
  • IP65 rating: Protection from water spray from any direction and dust protection
  • Night Vision: Ability to record video under bad or no lights in the night
  • 2 Way Audio: Able to hear and speak with other party
  • IFTTT: A standard to communicate with other smart devices